Masta Bearing Housing Pvt Ltd

Expansion Project

Largest Bearing Housing for bearing 23196 CCK


MASTA has proven it again…….

For expansion project of One of India’s Leading Steel Manufacture Masta developed Largest Bearing Housing for bearing 23196 CCK having bearing OD 790 mm. A complete project requirement of 12 sets of these Customised Bearing Housings is supplied by Masta in a record time of 8 weeks during July and August 2016.

This heavy-duty bearing housing is designed to withstand high-temperature environment and heavy load capable to drive the Turbo Pulley for Blast Furnace Project. This is the biggest Blast Furnace ( 4554 cu. m.) in India.

Masta has used the best quality of Cast Steel material for the application. The product was carefully engineered with requisite quality norms by Masta in-house team. Each Bearing Housing set having 3 feet height weighs 1400 kg.