Masta Bearing Housing Pvt Ltd

New Foundry Plant

MASTA BEARING HOUSING is expanding its manufacturing facilities and installing with proper planning and development of HIGH TECH FOUNDRY which is spread over 2,00,000 sq. feet area near to our existing manufacturing plant.

The new unit will be fully operational by the year 2020 which will increase our production capacity by three folds.

Our most advanced plant shall be equipped with :

  • DISAMATCH C-20/24 High Pressure Moulding Lines with fully automatic SAND PLANT
  • INDUCTOTHERM make induction furnaces.
  • Omega type NO-BAKE resin sand plant for heavy duty component castings up to 3 M.T. per piece weight.

The project will empower us to enhance our production capacity with best quality to meet international standards with technology modernisation and operational excellence.