Adapter Sleeves

Masta Product Range Covers All Bearing Accessories Manufactured In-house. Standard Products Include Adapter Sleeve, Withdrawl Sleeve, Lock Nut, Lock Washer, Locking Clip And Seals. These Products Are Manufactured On CNC Machines Ensuring Repetitive Accuracy, Excellent Aesthetic Look And Mass Production.

Adapter Sleeves Are Supplied As A Set Of Tapered Diameter Sleeve, Lock Nut And Lock Washer Or Locking Clip Together. These Products Facilitate Easy Bearing Mounting And Dismounting Since They Require No Additional Location On The Shaft To Mount Any Position As Desired. The Sleeve Have External Diameter In Taper Of 1:12 Which Matches With Inside Tapered Bore Of Bearing. The Dimensions Of Adapter Sleeves Are In Accordance With ISO 113/I-1979. Standard Adapter Sleeves Are Made From C20 – C30 Carbon Steel Material.

Adapter Sleeves From Sizes 44 (bore Diameter 200 Mm) Are Made As Standard Design As Well As With An Oil Hole With Threaded Connection And Oil Distribution Groove On Outside Surface Of Sleeve. Such Types Are Designated As “ OH” Sleeve And Used With Hydraulic Oil Injection Arrangement For Mounting And Dismounting.

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