Export Series Bearing Housing

MASTA MACHINERY Is Happy To Announce Export Series Bearing Housings.  This New Endeavour Is A Part Of The Company’s Efforts Towards Seeking Continual Improvement And Introducing Innovative Programme In The World Market.  This All New System Shall Provide Our Valued Customers With A Product That Claims Of Appealing Aesthetic And Attractive Finishing With Dimensional Accuracy. We Are Certain That It Will Catch The Eyes Of All Those World-class Industrial Units That Make Use Of Bearings And Bearing Housings.  All Of These Features Shall Play A Decisive Role In Helping This Export Series Of Bearing Housings Carve Out Its Own Niche Among The Top Brands In The Industry.


The Basic Dimensions Of This Export Series Bearing Housings Are The Same As That Of Standard SN, SNA, SNH, And SNL Types.  This Makes Masta Export Series Bearing Housings Interchangeable With All Prevalent Series Of Bearing Housings.  At The Current Moment, We Have The Series SN, SNH And SNL Already In The Market.  Further Research & Development Is Underway For SNA Which Shall Be Appended To The Export Series During Early 2015.


Following Are Some Of The Improvements That Have Been Brought About In The Processes Used And The Features Offered:

Process Improvement

  • New Aluminium Patterns Developed In MASTA State-of-the-art Facility Through The VMC Automation Process.
  • Enhanced Automation Process In Moulding.
  • Casting Has Been Produced In Our Automatic Sand Reclamation Plant.
  • Entire Range Of Products Has Been Included From Sizes SN 506 To SN 532 And SNH 507 To SNH 532.
  • Final Machining Have Been Performed On VMC And CNC Automation Process.
  • Mating Surfaces And Foundation Base Surface Of Every Bearing Housing Are Finished With Grinding, Which Imparts Perfect Fitment At Customer Site.

New Features:

  • Export Series Bearing Housings Are Developed Using 3D Modelling Technique By The Design & Development Team Of MASTA.  This Ensures That Every Feature Is Properly Selected And Balanced In Construction To Give A Streamlined Look.
  • Consistent Quality And Aesthetics.
  • Higher Grade Cast Iron Used For Better Service Loads.
  • Bearing Housing Base Is Made Stronger With Added Two Ribs Supported By Cross Rib At The Centre.
  • This Bearing Housing Series Is Perfectly Interchangeable With Any Local Or International Brand.
  • Use Of Heavier Construction That Has Already Received Appreciation From Our Overseas Customers.
  • Every Bearing Housing Is Individually Packed In Corrugated Box As Per Export Standards. Product Details Are Printed On The Box For Easy Identification.
  • Every Bearing Housing Is Marked With Unique MASTA Hologram Sticker To Confirm Their Authenticity.
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